Quality, Service, and Reliability

Our determination is to provide general public with quality service at an equitable rate

เธกเธฒเธ•เธฃเธเธฒเธ™ ISO 15189

International Standard level

We have proven our international standard quality with the ISO laboratory certification ISO 15189:2012 and ISO 15190:2003, assuring you with the highest standard right from the start.

Nationwide service

With standardized transportation services directly at your doorstep, our services is easily accessible regardless of where you are.

Fast and accessible

Easier and faster than ever, with our online ordering and reporting. Concern about privacy? We provide personal password for every individual account for online member access.

A team of expertise

Behind all the cultivation of samples, precise analyses, as well as reporting, is our team of scientists and specialized medical professionals with many years of experiences in the genetic field.

Inside the laboratory

A story of quality and trust

Years of experiences

Medical Genetics Center provides a varity of laboratory services and counselling. With experienced medical professional specialists (American Board of Medical Genetics) alongside expert scientists, we operate in a standardized laboratory, certified by the highly regarded ISO 15189:2012 and ISO 15190:2003.


A team of medical professional and scientists working around the clock (full time staff) ensures the continuity of the process, from receiving the sample, cultivating, along with analyzing and reporting. You can rest assured that every case has been handled with great care. All of this, done within our institute without any outsourcing.

Advanced Technologies

We go forward with technology. Using the latest developments such as Next Generation Sequencing, we have achieved so much more in terms of detecting abnormalities on a molecular level. This pushes the restriction of traditional analysis methods further, leading to a clearer and more accurate result.